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WTF, mate?

I was just playing JT's Blocks on Yahoo! Games. When you're playing games there, others can send you private messages if you don't have that turned off. Some random person (a guy, I assume by his screen name), messaged me and asked if I write femslash. I was kinda confused, but I said yeah, occasionally. Then he asked if I'd write one for Xena.

The hell? Usually, if someone IMs me, I know who he or she is. And even if I've never actually interacted with her ('cause it is usually a her), I've run across her on some kind of fandom group, or she's like a friend of a friend. Not this time. The guy didn't even know the fandoms in which I was involved.

So, yeah. If you're going to randomly talk to me, try not to make your first question "Do you write femslash?" 'Cause if I don't know you? A bit freaky.

Of course, if you're cakemage, I'll write you all the femslash you want. *grin*
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