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Is it Saturday yet?

Wanna know what's really sad? It was quicker to register at the Registrar's office than it was online. And the people at the Registrar's office are incredibly nice--more so than those in Student Financial Services, anyway. :-P

I wanted to take a nap today, but... no nap for me. I have a very busy evening--nay, week.

I have dress rehearsal tonight and tomorrow night from eight to eleven. Thursday and Friday are performance nights, starting at seven. Call time's at five.

I have a paper due in two weeks that I just got an idea for yesterday--"Religious and Political Satire in the American Media" or something like that. It has to be on politics and religion. This way, I get to work in the Daily Show. I am such a geek.

I have two chapters of work to catch up on for Spanish that're due on Friday. Can anyone say "panic time"? (Thank God it's mostly fill-in-the-blanks.)

Note to self: schedule nervous breakdown for Saturday afternoon.


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