like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Ah, the Pit of Voles...

A review for Other Than Soulmates:

This was very wll written. Please write another one. Maybe a little longer with more Sam and Daniel interaction. I like the idea of them being soulmates. Not many people see them that way so its nice to know someone out there thinks they'd be great together.

Buh? Are we reading the same fic? Dude, the title is Other Than Soulmates. The summary is "She wasn't naïve. She wasn't foolish. She didn't believe in soulmates, that there existed a perfect partner for everyone in the universe."

How do you get from "she didn't believe in soulmates" to "I like the idea of them being soulmates"? *scratches head* Logic go BOOM.
Tags: fanfic, notes to stupid people, stargate, writing commentary
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