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Notes from polisci

And now, random snippets from my notes for today's Politics of Religion class:

OMG. Did he just say "dastardly"?

(About "Christian Identity" church)
--see themselves as decendents of "true" Israelites
---Jews are reviled, as are blacks and minorities--"God's early failed experiments"
(Bitch, are these people for real?)
--desegregated schools = interracial marriage (= death and distruction and burnination)
--U.S. = Promised Land (WTF, mate?)

Dude, "Right Wing Film Festival" would be an awesome name for a CD. "Next up, by the Fuckin' Fundies, 'Everyone Except Rural White Christian God-Fearing (Not You, You Damned Catholics) Men Are Gonna Burn in Hell', off of their hit album, 'Right Wing Film Festival'."
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