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JAGFic Rec: Sleight of Hand universe

Fandom: JAG

Title: Sleight of Hand
Sequels: Devolution, Pas de Deux, Time Passages, Predator

Author: Incatnito

Rating: PG-13

Category: Action/Adventure, Suspense

Pairing: Slight Harm/Mac; slight Gibbs/Kate (NCIS) in Predator

Sleight of Hand Summary: A simple case is not what it seems...
Devolution Summary: Mac gets stuck with Singer on an out-of-town case.
Pas de Deux Summary: Mac takes on a diplomatic assignment while restricted to light duty. What was to be an easy week answering questions about a career in the US military turns into something more.
Time Passages Summary: Mac's trip to interview a witness doesn't go exactly as planned...
Predator Summary: Next story in my little universe. Ties in the past season, does a little crossover with NCIS and tosses a possible serial killer into the mix.


Story Status: Complete through Chapter 42 of Predator, 3/10/05.

Shannon's Thoughts: OMFG. OMFG. Best. Mac. Characterization. EVER. I love Incatnito's Mac so very very very very much. Her original characters are awesome. I even like her Harm/Mac. Why the hell isn't this woman writing original fiction?!

Final judgment: 10/10.
Tags: fanfic, jag, recommendations

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