like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Fanfic Authors' Appreciation Week--Days 5 & 6

Oy. Remind me never to leave my friends list for an entire day. *shakes head*

But in better news, I got permission from a new Sam/Daniel author to archive her fics on my site. So that makes me happy. :-)

I noticed I forgot to post my appreciated author yesterday. So there will be two today.

Ava. I know you've all read my gushing praise for Ava. You'll just have to sit through it once more. Or scroll past. Whatever floats your boat.

Ava is the author who dragged me onto the AJ/Mac 'ship. And I'll love her forever for it. AJ/Mac was my first real 'ship, and the first one that I ever wrote fanfic for. Sometimes I miss it, and it makes me sad that so little fic is being written now--especially since AJ's retired.

But I digress. Ava = AJ/Mac Fic Goddess. And anyone who likes that ship knows it.

The second one today is Burked. I'm a newbie to the CSI fandom, so it's nice to find well-written fanfic that actually helps me to understand the characters a bit better. (Of course, then it's difficult to separate fanon from canon... but I digress again.)
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