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Cough drops and theater geekness

I have tissues! And cough drops! I can breathe through my nose again!

...Okay, the bag of cough drops has a pair of strange words on them. "Oral anesthetic." Since when are cough drops supposed to anesthetize your mouth?

So last night, after rehearsal, a few of us stayed to help organize the stage. Until last year, the drama club was defunct, so the school had been using the stage as storage space. (Sacrilege!) The stage. Is. Filthy. The ceiling is peeling and falling down, the changing rooms are moldy (actually, until yesterday, we could only get to the stage left changing room), the curtains need a good cleaning (or, alternately, to be burned), and the floor desperately needs to be swept, washed, and refinished. (And the front is cracking from people sitting at the edge all the time.)

The stage is deeper than it is wide, which confuses all of us, but makes for great storage space, apparently. (Whoever designed Alumnae Hall needs to go back to architect school.) After we finished stacking the tables and chairs in the corner so that the curtains could hang properly, we made a wonderful discovery--a spotlight. It was dusty, and it had to be at least as old as me, but it still worked. The true sign of theater geekery: when one person says, "This is the best thing that's happened to me all week!" and everyone agrees with her.

Okay. Random storytime over.
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