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TehBitch and Moebius, Part 1

RE: TehBitch. I think she joined gibbskateff for, like, a day. A member with the screen name susie82456 and an e-mail account from the same domain as TehBitch's account joined yesterday, and unjoined today. I just found this a bit too coincidental.

Re: Moebius, Pt. 1

Oh. My. God. Geek!Sam and Geek!Daniel are just too cute for words! Someone has got to write AU Sam/Daniel fic set in the Moebius universe.

I nearly had a heart attack at the end, though. Not because of the ending of the episode--though I will be harassing people to send it to me ASAP--but because the preview for Moebius, Part 2 said it was the series finale, not the season finale. I started shrieking "No, no, no!" even though I knew the show's been renewed for a ninth season.

God, I can't wait to see all of the season 8 episodes.
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