like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

FMK meme. Hee.

Gacked from cakemage.

1. List five or more series that you love.

2. Slot your favorite characters into the categories of Fuck, Marry, and Kill and explain why.

3. Borrow the meme if you want to play.

1. JAG

Fuck: Clayton Webb. Webb of season four, preferably, not season nine. That man is so good with words, I'd just want to find out what else he can do with that mouth. *evil grin*

Marry: My AJ, of course! Well, as long as he goes on Prozac, first.

Kill: Harm. Death to the Rabbit! Mwaha. Mwahahaha! *stabbity stab stab*


Fuck: Gibbs. Yes, I know, you probably expected me to put him under "Marry"--but the man's had three ex-wives. He's got to be impossible to live with.

Marry: Ducky. I would gladly listen to his stories all day, 'cause Ducky rocks my little white ankle socks. Besides, a date in the basement of the Smithsonian? Total geek heaven!

Kill: Jimmy Palmer. I want Gerald back, damn you!

3. Stargate: SG-1

Fuck: Baal. ...What? He's hot!

Marry: Daniel. Oh, my pretty, sweet genius. *pets*

Kill: The Powers That Be. Why do you have to kill off the GOOD characters?!

4. Law & Order: SVU

Fuck: Fin. Bad boys in leather... mmm.

Marry: Olivia. Gorgeous woman with a gun. What more could you want?

Kill: I dunno. Had you asked me a few months ago, I would've said Casey, but she's kinda grown on me.

5. The West Wing

Fuck: Josh. See "Clayton Webb".

Marry: Charlie. I prefer the stable ones for marriage, apparently. *grin*

Kill: John Wells. Self-explanatory. (No, he's not a character. No, I don't care.)
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