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Pretty People Meme

Gacked from susan217.

Top Ten Shag Meme: The list of people you would shag *now*. Not dead, not fictional, not fifty years ago when they were hot. now. And post it with pictures, if possible. Because that makes it so much more fun to read.

1. Mark Harmon. *drools* God, those eyes, that smile... how can you not want Mark Harmon?

2. John M. Jackson. My first official celebrity crush.

3. Richard Dean Anderson. Hmm... are we sensing a sort of theme here?

4. Oh, Jon Stewart. You make me want to laugh... and lick the TV screen.

5. Will Smith! Okay, so I lied about JMJ being my first official celebrity crush. He was just the first one I told anyone about.

6. Michael Shanks. Hurrah for pretty boys!

7. David Krumholtz. Thanks to Numb3rs, he is my newest celebrity crush. *pets pic* You are so pretty.

And so the ladies don't feel left out, here are my girlcrushes:

8. Catherine Bell. I could've chosen out of any number of drool-worthy pics, but I chose this one, 'cause everyone likes a woman in uniform. *grin*

9. Mariska Hargitay. Because... well, just look at her. And she's an award-winning actress, thankyouverymuch.

10. Oh, Sasha Alexander, my first declared girlcrush. So pretty in pink, isn't she?

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