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Crazy people and me. Though those aren't necessarily separate categories.

So there were rehearsals for A Midsummer Night's Dream last night. I went, of course. :-) After that, a few of us headed to Quadside to just hang out. Here are some gems from the ensuing three-hour conversation:

"You make me gay! Damn you!"
"But I didn't know I could do that!"
"It's true! And it's only around you!"

"You know what it was like? Archie having to choose between Betty and Veronica, and choosing Jughead."

"What am I?" *holds up hands*
"A tree?"
"Yeah!" *hunches over* "What am I now?"
"A monk?"
"A monkey."

"I am the Queen of the Queers!"

"You know that if you sing 'Ding, ding, ding' and everyone around you finishes, 'went the trolley', they're all gay."


I talked to Res Life today. They've put me in a first-floor room in Arnold Hall for the time being. And there was much rejoicing.

Now I just need to get my friends to help me move some of my stuff over there.
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