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Bwah! I love cakemage. We were talking, and I said I was bored, so she came up with the story for me. My comments are in italics.

Harm and Andy are on a picnic in the park with their adopted daughter Mattie. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and they are all having a very good time!

And theeeeennnnn? :-D

But just then, Meredith approaches the trio, sobbing. "He left m-me! Left me for th-that woman!"


Harm and Andy try to calm her, to no avail. After a few minutes of this, Mattie bluntly asks, "Who left you? For what woman?"

I knew I liked that girl!

Meredith hiccups, "AJ! He left me for Mac! They're-" she chokes back a sob, "eloping!"


"That mean old bald guy?" Mattie asks, eyebrows raised.

Hey, hey, hey, girlie! You watch it there!

"Yes!" this gets a smile from Meredith, and she sits down to talk to her new friend.

...Meredith has friends?

"Come on, now. He's not a bad guy," says Harm reasonably. "He was just going through a tough time when you met him."

Yeah. Harm was cheating on him with Andy... no, wait. Wrong storyline. :-D

"That's what I love about you Harm," Andy says, grinning at his lover, "you always have a kind word for everyone!"

Except when he's being an utter ass. Which is 90% of the time.

"Well, considering I've been sleeping with him for the past few- oops!" Harm realizes his mistake too late.

Hee! Open mouth, insert foot, and chew! Classic Rabb response.

"You- you've been cheating on me?" Andy leaps up, tears forming in his eyes. "You bastard!" he shrieks.

Awwww... poor Andy. Tsk, tsk.

"What!?" Meredith screams. "You- I can't believe- ugh!" she stands up and kicks Harm in the groin.

Damn you! Now I like her! Well, at least during that brief moment. :-D

"I thought you were a better person than that, Harm! I trusted you! Well, now I see you for who you really are!" Mattie also leaps to her feet and tries to kick Harm as well, but he manages to dodge the blow this time.

*snort* Girl's acting like a betrayed lover. You're *14*, girlie. ...I think that's going to be my new nickname for her.

"We are so through, Harm! I never want to see you again!" Andy is barely holding back his tears.

"Andy, wait! It's not-" Harm begins, but is interrupted.

"Forget it!" Andy yells and stomps off, with Mattie following him. Neither one looks back even once.

Whoopsie. Looks like he's really put his foot in it this time!

As they walk off, who should approach but Mac and AJ!

Yay! ...Uh-oh. What happens next?

Meredith glares at them. "Et tu, Brute?" she snarls. "I hope you realize, Mac, that your precious Admiral's been sleeping with Harm for the past few months!"

Mac looks up at AJ. "Really?" she asks curiously. He flushes and nods.

Mac considers this for a few moments, then says, "Threesome?"

AJ shrugs. "Harm?" he leaves the question open.

Harm slowly shakes his head while still clutching his wounded privates.

Ew. Threesome with Harm? Nah...

Meredith snorts in disgust and stomps off. Mac and AJ shrug. "Well, we'll see you around, Harm. Come on, darling, we don't want to be late for our flight."

Mac and AJ walk off arm-in-arm, leaving Harm all alone.

Oh, poor Harmie-poo.

Meredith and Andy go off to a bar to drown their sorrows, and end up hooking up with different people. Meredith goes home with Carolyn Imes, while Andy finds solace in a man named Tony Dinozzo.


And they all live happily ever after, except Harm, because he sucks.

The End.

*applauds wildly*

Wasn't that the most beautiful story you've ever read? *grin*

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