like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

FF: Confused Memories, Part 8

Title: Confused Memories (8/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, Romance (most likely, since I am a sap), crossover (JAG/Harry Potter)

Spoilers: Through "The One That Got Away" (JAG); Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. The JAG universe belongs to DPB and his gang, and the Harry Potter universe belongs to the goddess, JKR.

Chapter 8: In which phone calls are made

"Mac! C'mon, Mac, open up!" Harmon Rabb pounded on the door to his friend's apartment. A door opened down the hall. Seeing the familiar man, the woman said, "If you're looking for Sarah MacKenzie, she hasn't come home yet. I haven't seen her for nearly three weeks."

"Do you know where she went, ma'am?" Harm asked.

"I believe she went to London on vacation. She was supposed to have returned last week; maybe she decided to stay longer."

"Thank you, ma'am," Harm said. She smiled and closed her door.

Taking out his cell phone, Harm punched in a number.

"Commander Turner," a familiar voice answered.

"Sturge, buddy, how the hell are ya?" he asked.

"Harm?" Sturgis asked incredulously. "It's good to hear from you! So you're still up and flying, huh?"

"Yeah. I'm hoping to get back in the courtroom soon, though. But that's not why I'm calling. Have you seen Mac lately? I'm only in town for two days, and I wanted to see her."

"No, I haven't. She went on leave a few weeks ago. I think she was supposed to return last week. The Admiral's been walking around like a bear with a sore paw--he nearly scared Coates to death yesterday."

Harm sighed. "You think something's happened to her?"

"I hope not, Harm. Listen, buddy, I'll talk to you later. I have court in ten minutes."

"All right. Later, Sturgis." Harm turned off his cell. Eyes narrowing, he turned it back on and hit the speed dial.


"Webb, it's Rabb."

"Well, to what to I owe this honor?" Clayton Webb asked sarcastically.

"Mac's missing."

There was silence on the other end of the line for five seconds. Then Webb demanded, "What do you mean, 'missing'?"

"I mean that I called JAG, and no one's seen or heard from her for weeks. Mac isn't the type to go UA, either."

Webb sighed, "I know." He paused. Harm could practically hear the wheels turning in his head. "Well, I'll put out some calls and see if I can track her down, Rabb. Thanks." He hung up.

Harm stared at the phone in his hand. Clayton Webb just thanked him? That had to be one of the signs of the Apocalypse. Shrugging, he put the phone away.
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