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JAG Rant: Back in the Saddle (OAD: 10/31/03)

Day-um. That episode was fantastic. Now I'm disappointed that I didn't watch it last night.

The Harm/Mac shippers must be going insane. Harm's a-headed back to JAG!

I must say that I actually liked Harm in this episode. Even though he seemed desperate at some points, he acted more like a man than a hero. This was some fantastic writing on Stephen Zito's part.

The episode starts at JAG. Commander Imes, the lawyer brought in to replace Harm, is prosecuting. The MPs come in to arrest her. It turns out she's not a lawyer, after all--she never passed the Michigan state bar, like she claimed. In fact, she's not a member of any bar.

The JAG staff has to review every case that she was involved with. Oy. They're already overworked, and now this?

Harm's been fired! Bwah!

Harm's talking to his former boss:

"Was this your idea?"
"I'm the one telling you."
"This has Webb written all over it." Oh, boy. I thought there was already enough Webb-bashing by the H/M shippers. Oh, well. They've had plenty of Harm-bashing this season, so I shouldn't complain!

Sheesh. I actually feel bad for Harm. "My life is a constant surprise... even to me."

Back to JAG. Sturgis is prosecuting Imes; Mac is defending.

"You want to court-martial the commander."
"No. I wanna throw her a damn party. Dismissed!" Jeez, AJ, take some Prozac.

"I'm gonna ask Bud to me my co-counsel."
"Better you than me. I'm almost starting to miss Harm."
"Why is that?"
"Because he used to take most of the heat. Now that he's gone, we're in the line of fire."

Hee. Too true, Sturgis. Too true.

Carolyn (Imes) is talking about how she grew up poor, and how she was desperate. Mac replies, "I grew up poor. My mother deserted the family; my father was a drunk. I went to law school while serving on active duty in the Marine Corps, and I made my share of early mistakes. So don't tell me I don't know what it's like to be desperate."

Harm's playing the guitar again. DJE is pretty good, huh?

Mac shows up at his apartment.

"Look, I know you're mad at me."
"I'm not mad at anybody."
"So, uh, is that why you just decided to move on, leave the rest of us behind?"
"Striking out on my life, you know."
"I--I know you're upset--"
"You don't know anything about what I'm feeling."
"Well, I would know what you were feeling if you would talk to me."
"Hey, I thought we'd done our talking. You made that pretty clear."

She asks his help...

"Harmon Rabb's Greatest Hits. Will you help me, or do you have a secret mission to fly?"
"Webb didn't tell you?"
"We don't spend a lot of time talking about you."
"That's a surprise. He canned me."

"He really fired you?"
"Yeah. Ask him about it the next time you two are together. Give you an opportunity for a little pillow talk."

Heh. Catherine Gale shows up at Harm's apartment, as well. Mac says, "You have a lot of company for a recluse."

*snicker* The look of shock on Harm's face when he finds out Catherine is pregnant... that is just priceless.

*sigh* Aw, shucks. It's not his. *grin*

Bah. The shippers are probably all excited over this line:

"That's why I got 'the look'."
"What 'look'?"
"The 'get away from my man' look."
"Ohh. That look."

I didn't notice anything like that, but whatever.

The father doesn't know. Catherine's mommy still thinks that she and Harm are married. Tell her already, stupid!

Oh, good lord--the Harm fangirls must be flipping out. Harm is on a motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket--apparently, he's going to check out his plane.

Hah! The hangar where he keeps "Sarah" has been bought out by someone. The new manager is a teenager--Matilda Grace. Her friends call her Mattie. She looks familiar, for some reason. Huh.

Harm introduces himself. "Well, 'Harm', we have one thing in common. We've both got goofy names."

Mac and Sturgis are talking.

"We're gonna take our chance at court-martial."
"Are you crazy?"
"I expect that from Rabb. Not from you, Colonel."
"Really? And what would you expect from me?"
"You generally take a conservative position... a safe position."
"What else? My faults, as long as you're listin' 'em."
"You're, uh, sanctimonious. And a bit of a prig."
"Where did *that* come from?"
"It's been building for a while."

Jeez, these people are all acting like 12-year-olds! Get over yourselves already!

How cute--Harm and Mattie are bonding. Over lost parents. Apparently, Mattie's mother died when she was little.

Back to Mac and Bud.

"Lieutenant, do you think I always take the narrow view?"
"No, ma'am."
"Do you find me sanctimonious?"
"No, ma'am."
"No, ma'am."
"Good! ...Would you tell me if you did?"
"No, ma'am." Hee. I love Bud. He's great.

Bud thinks Mac should talk to the admiral and see if he would be willing to take Harm back.

"For the past few months, the admiral and I are having a... failure to communicate."
"Oh. We're communicating excellently. He yells at me, and I say I'm sorry." Bud gets a funny look on his face. "Kinda like married life."
Mac smiles sadly. "Wouldn't know."

Harm's visiting Mama Gale in the hospital.

"Now I'm workin' for a 14-year-old dusting crops."
"You do lead a varied life."
"Well, if you mean I can't hold down a job..."
"What I mean is, it's too bad you're not in love with my daughter. You didn't really marry her, did you?"

Bwah! I love that old woman.

Catherine comes in. "You can take that coat off--it's not hiding anything." Mommy asks if Catherine was ever going to tell her that she and Harm weren't really married. Catherine thinks she's going to be sick and runs off.

"You ever have your life turned upside-down?"
"You ever have your heart stop beating?"

Harm goes back to JAG Ops to help Mac and Bud.

Jen greets Harm excitedly. "The admiral's in. I'll let him know you're here."
"That won't be necessary."
"I believe it is, sir. You two really need to talk to each other."
"I have nothing to say to the admiral."
...And he runs right into him. Um, oops?

Coates has a death wish. She's trying to talk to AJ about Harm.

"I wanted to explain my actions."
"No. Let me explain them for you. You are meddling in affairs that are none of your business."

"Sir, I'm... still defining the parameters of my duties. With your input, of course, being paramount."
"Petty Officer, did you just handle me?"
"Of course not, sir!"
"You're not going to law school at night by any chance, are you?"
"No, sir--why do you ask?"
"You're starting to parse the truth like a lawyer."
"No, sir. I am, however, starting to look deeper into the truth, like a psychologist. 'The Human Mind 101'. It's a course I'm taking online."
"Dismissed," AJ growls. He is about to freak.

Jen runs into Mac as she's leaving AJ's office.

"Ma'am, what does 'parse the truth like a lawyer' mean?"
"It means you massage the truth to get what you want."
"Has he ever accused you of that?"
"All the time. I like to think he means it as a compliment."

Oh, Mae, you must have loved that scene. *grin*

"I can't do anything right, ma'am," Jen says.
"None of us can," Mac sighs.

Imes' court-martial. Mac is not having a fun time.

But it looks like Harm is! He's really impressing Mattie with his flying skills.

Harm wants to have a relationship with Catherine?!

"I'm flattered, really--but you are *way* too high-risk."

Desperate, much, Harm?

"Or is that what you're really after? An instant family? Look, let's make this simple. When you're sure what you're really after... you let me know."

Harm's testifying at the court-martial. Aw... he's memorized his oath. He does believe Imes' actions are conduct unbecoming.

Coates still has a death wish. She's encouraging AJ to talk to Harm.

"I do not wanna--hear what you have to say."
"Yes, sir."
"Not one word."
"No, sir."
"I am not interested in you taking the commander's side, or if you think I should take him back! I'm not interested in if you think I'm being unreasonable, or, um... pigheaded, or... unfair."
"No, sir; there's no need for that... because you already know it. Sorry, sir."
"You know, Petty Officer. People don't like to be handled."
"Yes, sir."
"So if you do it, you damn sure better be right. ...As you were this time." Yay! Go, Jen! You r0xx0rs my s0xx0rs!

Eeeee!!! AJ in civvies! He shows up at Harm's new workplace to talk to him.

"How are you, Commander?"
"Well, AJ, I'm fine. And it isn't commander anymore, is it?"
"Force of habit."
"How 'bout a drink?"
"You buyin'?"
"Dutch treat."

I like Mattie. She's funny. Even though she doesn't treat AJ with much respect... "Harm. This bald guy the jerk you fired you?" Hey, hey, hey! Watch it, girlie! ...Even though what you say is true. He's been acting like a brat lately.

Okay, here's AJ and Harm's conversation. Damn, this is getting long, huh? AJ starts.

"Thought it was time we had a talk."
"Thought we'd done our talkin'?"
"So did I. Turns out there's more to say."
"Can't imagine what that would be."
"Boy, you're damned annoying."
"Is that what you drove 100 miles to tell me?"
"Part of it."
"Well, I'm also, and here I'm paraphrasing, 'not a team player' and 'controlled by my emotions'."
"All that's true."
"Look, why are you here? Admiral? What, did you come looking for absolution? Did you come to gloat? Or you just wanna ride in an airplane?"
"You're bordering on insubordination, Rabb."
"I'm a civilian now, AJ. I'm not in your Navy."
"All right. Here it is. As you know, the Imes debacle has forced us to review over 200 cases, many of which with you were involved. And... you did some... fine lawyering. Now you're a... crop duster." Harm's looking smug.
"I'm good at that, too."
"I might consider asking SecNav to reinstate your commission, take you back, under the right circumstances."
"I'm listening."
"Harm. It's time you stopped being Peter Pan, a boy who likes to fly and never grow up. You're not gonna have the life you want until you learn to take responsibility for your actions. Not at work, not with women, not... in any facet of your life. ...Lemme know what you decide."
"You're here, Admiral, because you need me. Because I'm an excellent lawyer. And because the officer you chose to replace me is looking at seven years hard labor." Oh, Harm, don't make the man grovel. He's too proud for that.
"That's true. Come back; we'll start fresh. Let me know."

Back to court-martial. Imes is found guilty and dismissed from the service. However, Judge Morris encourages her to take the bar.

To Harm and Mattie:

"You're gonna quit."
"Go back to the Navy and that mean old man?"
"That sucks."
"Well, that remains to be seen."

Aw. Poor kid. She was really starting to like Harm.

Woah. Mattie's dad is a drunk. He was driving the car when her mother was killed. Mattie is living alone in her mother's house. The house and planes belong to Mattie--her mother left them to her in her will.

Oh... Harm's going to try to become Mattie's guardian! This part actually made me cry. Maybe it's just because of my personal background. But that was sweet.

*sigh* Excellent episode. I missed the previews for next week, though. Can someone tell me what's happening?

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