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Yahoo! and fic searches

Huh. This is from yesterday's Yahoo! Buzz Log:

The Buzz Log - Search Spikes and Trends

Fun With Fan Fiction
Saturday January 15, 2005 9:00PM PT

Creating your own story for familiar characters from TV and movies is an Internet staple. Queries on "Fan Fiction" usually keep the term hovering around our top 1,000 searches. Fan fic searches were up 147% yesterday, a decent and unexpected spike for a term that's already popular. The writers and readers of fan fic are mostly women -- 80% of searches are from females. It's also a young person's game -- with those under-24 dominating searches including a stunning 38% from 13-to-17 -year-olds. What inspires these writers? We decided to take a look at the top fan fiction searches over the past week, and here are the subjects near and dear to devoted fans.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction
CSI Fan Fiction
The L Word Fan Fiction
JAG Fan Fiction
Xena Fan Fiction
Star Wars Fan Fiction
One Tree Hill Fan Fiction
X-Files Fan Fiction
Law and Order SVU Fan Fiction
West Wing Fan Fiction

Just thought that was an interesting tidbit.

EDIT: ctorres makes a good point about the sharp spike in searches (ooh, alliteration!)--with LJ down, what else were we all gonna do? Get actual lives? *snort* Puh-lease. I, for one, spent all day reading CSI fic.
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