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Oh, my God. Ava's not writing JAG fic anymore? Nooooo! *wails and gnashes teeth*

Ava is the author who got me interested in the AJ/Mac 'ship. I knew that Harm/Mac just wasn't cutting it for me, but since that was all the fic that I knew about, I read whatever I could find. Then, I found Ava's fanfic Parents' Weekend. It intrigued me, so I sought out her website--and devoured everything there.

When I found ajmacfic, I knew I had found my group. The women (and occasional man) there were so friendly and fun, and made me feel so welcome. In fact, Ava commented on my first fic, which gave me the courage to continue it.

For all the squealing I do about "idols" and "goddesses", Ava was my first real fandom role model. And although she's not writing AJ/Mac fic anymore, I do understand why she won't be. I just hope she comes over to NCIS does whatever makes her happy.

Thank you for your wonderful stories, Ava. I'm going to have a reading day today, devoted to all of your JAG fanfiction.
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