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Day 23/24/25 Drabbles: 2 NCIS & 1 JAG/NCIS crossover

cakemage requested a Ducky/Kate drabble.

Fold. Crease. Repetitive, soothing.

"Kate? What are you still doing here?"

Fold. Crease.

"Do you know the story of the thousand paper cranes?"

Scrape of a chair on the linoleum floor.


Smile. "It's said that a person who makes one thousand paper cranes will have a wish granted." Hold up the finished product. "Sixty-four." Take another piece of paper.

Hand running through silver hair. "Go home."

"He'd almost gotten there, you know." Fold. Crease. "Number nine hundred eighty-eight was waiting on my desk that morning."

A sigh. "Kate..."

"I knew what he would wish for." Whisper. "I even knew what my answer would be."

The following two drabbles were not requested by anyone. In the first, I wanted to see if I could write Tony/Kate. The second is a snippet of the AJ/Kate fic I want to write.

"Dance with me, Kate."

She shook her head. "No, thank you."

"Aw, come on." He pouted. "Do you think I'll step on your toes?"

She studied him for a moment. No, she didn't think that. He had a certain quality that, in anyone else, she'd call grace. He was comfortable in his body. "I just don't feel like dancing right now, Tony," she demurred.

"Okay." He shrugged and sat beside her. "But you have to promise me a dance."

His smile was infectious. She laughed. "Fine. I promise I'll dance with you later."

The woman gasped, first in shock, then in indignation as he tried to wipe up the spill. Kate tried not to laugh, but she couldn't help it. "Only you, DiNozzo," she shook her head. "Only you would dump a cup of soda all over a woman you were trying to pick up."

"Shut up, Kate," Tony growled, before turning to the dark-haired woman and apologizing again.

Kate felt someone watching her. She looked at the tall, bald man beside Tony's victim. He looked as torn as Kate felt. "Forgive him," she said. "We don't usually let him out of the house."

Two pairs of brown eyes crinkled in amusement as a stream of Italian invective was hurled at the unfortunate agent.

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