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*beams* Have you ever gotten a piece of feedback on a fic that just makes your day? I did today. Someone wrote me, telling me how much she enjoyed "Sonnets of Life". Now, that was the first fic I ever wrote, and I don't think it's my best piece of writing (though, for me, it was pretty good). However, it really feels good to know people enjoy my stories. Particularly this one, since the reader found it through the JAG section at the Pit of Voles. That is usually the home of rabid shippers, so it feels nice to know that there are people who appreciate a good story, regardless of the romantic 'ship.

Yes, I'm happy today (even though I think I'm coming down with the flu). I got my calculus midterm back today... and I got an 85. For me, that is freaking fantastic, because I barely understand what's going on in that class. I had little hope of passing that exam, so I'm ecstatic.

Anyway, I'm going to go sleep until my Shakespeare class. Will let you know the results of that midterm when I get back.

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