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FF: A Dream Come True?

Title: A Dream Come True?

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG
Category: General, AJ/Mac

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al.

Fandom: JAG
Spoilers: None.

Author's Notes: This is in response to this week's (10/26/03) challenge on 15minuteficlets.

"C'mon, Sarah. Why not? It's worth a shot," the girl giggled.

Fifteen-year-old Sarah MacKenzie rolled her eyes. "Oh, please, Cheryl. That book is ridiculous. Do you really think that this will work? There is no possible way that you could be able to see your future husband that way. Besides, what if I don't want to get married?"

"Sarah, stop being such a skeptic. It's your birthday--have some fun for once."

Sarah sighed. "Fine. What do I need to do?"

Cheryl grinned. "That's my girl! Okay--first, lay back on the bed, with your arms and legs straight." Sarah did as she was told, muttering about feeling stupid. "Stop talking! Now, close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Four counts in... and four counts out. Keep doing that." Cheryl waited until Sarah's breathing became even. She continued speaking in a soothing voice. "Good. You feel nice and relaxed. Your breathing is deep and even. Your body is light. Now, I'm going to count backward from five to one. When I get to one, you will see the face of the man you will eventually marry. Ready?" When she didn't get a response, Cheryl began to count. "Five... four... three... two..."

Sarah was in a large, airy room. It looked like an office. She looked down and frowned. She was wearing a green uniform; similar to the one her Uncle Matt wore. She peered around curiously. The office had a big desk with a leather chair behind it. There was a fireplace with a painting above it, and a tall window that allowed the bright sunlight to shine through.

A door opened behind her, and Sarah felt her muscles tighten of their own accord. She snapped to attention in front of the desk.

"Colonel," a deep baritone voice said behind her. "Before I say anything else, I would just like to tell you that we have appreciated your hard work and competence here at JAG."

"Sir," Sarah heard herself say.

A man dressed in a blue uniform walked around to the desk. He was an older man, probably in his fifties. He was tall, bald, broad-shouldered, and rather attractive. When he looked into Sarah's eyes, she felt her knees grow weak from the intensity of his gaze.

"The SecNav has been searching for a replacement for Commander Lindsay for some time now. He's selected you out of a very small pool of candidates to be his legal aid."

Sarah felt her throat close up. "Yes, sir."

"Mac." Sarah looked at the man. "I know this will be hard. You've been at JAG for a long time. But this is a wonderful opportunity for you, and I think you should take it. Just don't forget your friends here at JAG."

"Aye, sir. Permission to be dismissed, Admiral?"

"Dismissed, Colonel."

Sarah felt herself fading...

"Three... four... five..." Sarah heard snapping by her ear. She opened her eyes.

"So, what happened? Did you see anyone? Was he cute?" Cheryl asked eagerly.

"I--I didn't see anything," Sarah said. For some inexplicable reason, she felt reluctant to share what she had seen.

"Oh," Cheryl said disappointedly. She brightened. "Well, let me try it anyway!"


"Colonel MacKenzie reporting as ordered, sir," thirty-six-year-old Sarah MacKenzie said, coming to attention before her commanding officer's desk.

"Colonel, before I say anything else..." Mac's mind went blank. This seemed eerily familiar. But dreams couldn't come true... could they?

The word for this week was "dream".


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