like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Day 16 Drabble: SG-1/NCIS crossover

ausiewanab requested a continuance of my previous Stargate/NCIS drabble.

Uh-oh. Tony knew that look. It was the same look Kate got whenever presented with the opportunity to verbally demolish him.

With Abby and McGee, though, it was for a different reason.


"You guys can't stay here forever, you know." He flashed a winning smile at Colonel Carter. "Not that I would mind." She rolled her eyes and turned back to her very explosive-looking experiment.

"Look at this, Tony!" Abby said, gesturing wildly. "This is like... like..."

"Science geek nirvana?" he suggested.

"Exactly!" the wonder twins chimed.

Tony shrugged. Whatever. "I wonder if there's anything to eat around here."
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