like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Day 9 Drabble: SG-1/NCIS crossover

j_guda requested a crossover drabble in which Jack needled Gibbs about Kate. Or one with Ducky and Daniel. I decided to combine the two. :-)

(Oh, and if you want to request a drabble yourself, head on over here and leave a comment.)

That smug, all-knowing grin was really starting to get on his nerves. He was already off-balance, and he didn't like it.

Kate, oblivious to the rising testosterone levels--or perhaps not giving a damn--watched Ducky and Daniel, smiling amusedly. Gibbs watched Kate watching the two doctors.

"A bibliophile is someone who collects rare books--like you. But do you know what someone who sells rare books is called?"

"A bibliopole."

"Ah, yes--I forgot you were a linguist."

"You've never asked her out on a date, have you?"

Gibbs bit back a snarl. "I don't get involved with colleagues."

Jack shrugged. "Your loss. Mind if I ask--"

"Yeah, actually, I do. We're on a case."

"Hey, I didn't mean now. Besides, she can make that decision for herself, right?"

Gibbs turned an icy blue glare onto the Air Force general. Jack backed off, obviously fighting a smile. "Okay, okay. On a case. Right."
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