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like a psychotic rainbow

Day 8 Drabble: The West Wing

Well, I've reached the end of my list of requesters, so I'm going back and doing secondary requests. If you'd like me to write you a drabble, go here and let me know fandom, theme, and/or pairing.

ctorres asked for TWW, CJ/Ainsley, preferably with flirting. The first draft of this disappeared when I had to restart my computer without saving. *sigh* But I tried my best, m'dear. :-)


Ainsley looked up from the papers strewn across her desk. "CJ! Is something wrong?"

"No." CJ leaned against the doorframe. Ainsley didn't think she'd ever seen the press secretary seem so... nervous? Tense? "Listen, Josh didn't mean... I mean, that's just how he is."

"Yeah, he can be a real jerk sometimes." Ainsley paused. "But what if he was right? I mean, it's not entirely unheard of, is it?"

CJ blinked. "Josh being right, or...?"

"Both. Either."

"No, not entirely unheard of." CJ smirked. "But extremely rare, in Josh's case."

"If he was right... what would that mean?"

"Nothing." CJ's brow furrowed. "The White House does not make it a habit to meddle in its staffers' sex lives. The Tale of Sam Seaborn and the Law School Prostitute notwithstanding."

Ainsley laughed softly at the dry remark. "Good. Good." She met CJ's eyes for a fleeting moment. "Look, you want to go get something to eat? I'm starving."

"Where do you put it all? If I ate like you did, I'd look like a horse." CJ shook her head ruefully.

"A Thoroughbred, though," Ainsley smiled.

CJ laughed. "And Josh wonders why we keep you around."

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