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NCIS Rant: The Curse (OAD: 10/28/03)

Okay. I liked this one, but not as much as I liked "The Immortals".

So, the ep starts out with a guy in the woods, hunting deer. He stumbles across a big egg-shaped thing, and opens it up. Ugh. There's a mummy guy in it, like a sarcophagus.

Gibbs comes into the office. "Grab your gear."
"My three favorite words," Tony says.

They're going to Saint Mary's River State Park. Tony expects to get lost.

Oh--the eggy-shaped thing is an aircraft drop tank from an F-14. Huh. Why's there a dead guy in it, then?

"How did he get so...?"
"I believe 'mummified' is the adjective you're searching for." Ducky, of course.

"You got an estimated time of death, Doc?"
"Very funny, Jethro."

Aw. Tony's worked at NCIS for two years.

"Well, that's kinda touching, Gibbs--remembering the day you hired me."
"Yeah, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

The dead guy is a lieutenant, according to his uniform. The flight bag with him is one of a LTCMDR Farnsworth, and he has the golf clubs of a LT Mark Lynch.

Why does Kate always have to ride with the stuff? First, the boat from "Sea Dog", and now the tank in this episode.

At the tech lab--going to open the pod.

"Sailor on a half-shell."
"Abby, please." Hee. Ducky doesn't like her morbid humor, does he?

And here's your Esoteric Fact of the Day, courtesy of Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard:
"Not unlike the Egyptians, however. Their mummified dead were buried along with personal treasures to accompany them on the journey to the afterlife."

Abby rocks.
"And we'll crack the secret of the mummy's curse in no time!"

The mummy is LT Mark Schilz, the disbursing officer on board the USS Eisenhower during a six-month deployment in '93-'94. He was charged with the theft of government property--1.2 million dollars, to be exact.

Gibbs, Kate, and Tony talking about the case at HQ. They're discussing the items found with the body. Kate: "Good news, commander! It took ten years, but we located your luggage."

Turns out Farnsworth was the pilot, and Lynch was the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) of the Tomcat that dropped the pod. Apparently, the RIO is also known as GIBS (Guy in Back). With one B. Kate asks Gibbs, "Why do you need two Bs?"
"Second one's for bastard." Hee. If you didn't know, Kate called Gibbs a bastard in the first ep.

Tony's talking about the plane flying to Andrews AFB: "No one on the ground reported being whacked on the head..." So professional, isn't he?

"Where's the money? It's not in the pod, or Abby'd be up there, screaming 'lotto'." Gibbs, inquiring on the status of the money.

Ducky's doing the autopsy. "Well, young man--we'll have to match your smile." Like the icon says--my fandom talks to dead people.

Ducky's talking about an old case again. "Well, it can't be eight years. No, I know it wasn't! Four years ago, your third wife hit you over the head with a baseball bat. I distinctly remember the anthill Marine on that table while I stitched you up." Nice lady. Poor Gibbs. C'mere and I'll make it all better... *grin*

Tony and Gibbs talking at HQ:
"Was it something I said?" Tony--about Kate, of course.
"Not yet."
Tony sighs. "Well, looks like we're gonna have to go to Hawaii, boss."
"Now it's what you said."

Heh. Gibbs is not "considerably older" than 37--according to him.

He really does need reading glasses. Gibbs is straining to read a file. Tony says, "Yeah--after forty, everybody's eyes..." He stops.

Kate visits the wife, who's remarried, but has a daughter from her first marriage. Schilz called Bethesda when the baby was born.

Gibbs and Tony are talking to NCIS Agent Richard Owens over the videophone. Gibbs is dropping statistics again. "I'm just wondering how you managed to search every inch of a 95,000-ton, 24-story-tall, 1049-foot-long aircraft carrier in two days."

Talking about the pod being dropped from the plane: "You know, when you think about it, if the lieutenant was still alive, that would've been one hell of a ride... Well, it would." Who do you think?

Gibbs and Abby do sign language.

"You know, it's not polite to talk with your hands."

Kate gets back to HQ. She's says that the widow is pretty.

"I knew I should've taken that interview."
"She's remarried, Tony."
"He does this just to screw with me, don't you?"

Randy Wiles, Schilz's assistant disbursing officer, is the wife's new husband. Well, isn't that special?

The wife doesn't know they served together. "What'd you say? 'I was passing by, dug the music, decided to drop in'?"

Kate makes a reference to Bounce, that movie with Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow about the guy who falls in love with the widow of a man he traded plane tickets with.
"I believe him."
"Of course you believe him--it's a chick flick. In a guy flick, you steal the money, you set Lieutenant Schilz up to take the fall, you murder him and you marry his wife."
"That is sick."
"It sure is."

Farnsworth and Lynch died in a ramp strike. Fun fun.

"I don't wanna hear the word 'curse' out of your mouth, Dinozzo."
"Would I say that, boss?" Tony says innocently.
"You said it to me," Agent Owens says.
"You said it first," says Tony, like a small child.

Petty Officer Toner, a woman who "enlisted to catch an officer", according to Owens, is playing golf at a country club. Kate walks up to her, and a guy asks how she got in there.

"I showed these at the gate." She shows her gun and badge. Of course, it looks like she's showing her breasts. *eyeroll*

Toner says she won the lottery; shows Kate the winning ticket. She offers to show Kate the newspaper clipping from her win--and Kate calls her bluff.

Off to Ducky and Abby...

"Fore!" Abby yells. Ducky ducks.
"Never do that again."
"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were gonna get all freaked out."
"It's an automatic reflex when you're a golfer, Abigail."
"Please don't call me Abigail."
"Then don't yell 'fore' when I have a niblick in my hand."
"A niblick--sounds like a sex act."
"Yes--that's what I thought it was the first time I heard the term. A niblick is what a nine-iron used to be called when golf was the province of Scottish nobles. Not the democratic lovely walk spoiled by the weekend duffer."

Ducky says, "Look closely, my dear."
Abby replies, "Of course, my darling." Ducky/Abby OTP, baby! *grin*

Kate calls Gibbs about Toner and lottery. He hangs up on her. Kate says sarcastically, "Can you hear me now?" I love those Verizon commercials. They're good for so many things. :-)

Gibbs is trying to read the computer screen. "Don't strain your eyes, boss." Gibbs slaps Tony upside the head. No, I'm not joking.

Abby is blasting some really loud music--I have no idea what it is--when Gibbs walks into the lab:
"I should've been playing Beethoven."
"It's not Beethoven?"

"You went to see Ducky before you came to see me?"
"Is there some kind of priority here that I don't know about?"
"A girl likes to be thought of first."

"We don't have anything like this at Pearl," says Owens.
"This is where the big boys play." Tony. He loves being flippant.
Gibbs yells, "Dinozzo!"
"Speaking of big boys... yeah, boss?" *snicker* Do they realize how that sentence could be construed? *evil grin*

Owens and Tony start database searches:
"You got computers at Pearl?"
"Yeah. But ours are on the beach so we can surf on breaks."
Tony laughs--kinda. "Surf. On breaks." He scowls.

Bwah! Kate walks into HQ in the morning. Both Gibbs and Tony are asleep in their chairs--Owens is awake. I so want a screen cap with Tony's hair like that. That was the funniest visual of the episode!

Well. Toner did win the lottery--but only for $37,000. She lied--she said she won $2 million.

Petty Officer Martinez, who was apparently a co-conspirator in the murder, was killed in a hotel in Mexico.

Kate has to get PO Toner to go to NCIS HQ voluntarily. Of course, a little coercion never hurt...

Abby programs a reenactment of the theft/murder on the computer. She is too funny.

Fingerprint match is running during conversation. As Toner gets up to leave, Gibbs informs her that the fingerprint matches hers. She confesses to the crime.

Gibbs, Kate, Tony, and Agent Owens are getting on the elevator.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. That fingerprint match was faked? Okay. You guys are crazy."
They all agree.

I liked this ep. Of course, it took me an hour and a half to write down all the quotes I wanted. And this is from a show that is less than an hour long. Jeez. I am pathetic.

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