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Two drabbles--NCIS and SVU

Here are two drabbles requested by tpeej. She wanted drabbles for either NCIS or Law & Order: SVU. I decided to do both. :-)

"McGee, move your head."

The agent gave him a blank stare. "What?"

"You heard me," Tony replied impatiently.

"Why?" The stare was quickly replaced with confusion.

"Kate's here with a date. You think it's Harrison?" Tony tried to see the man's face--with no luck.

"Yes, Tony. Because I've actually seen him before," McGee said.

"Was that... sarcasm, Probie?" Tony's attention was jolted from Kate's mysterious male friend. "I knew you had sense of humor. Even if it is more like Kate's than mine."

McGee rolled his eyes. He'd discovered that letting Tony talk himself out was best for everyone.

The hum in the bullpen was lower than usual. Olivia appreciated the quiet.

"Hey, Olivia. Cragen says you can take off for the day."

Olivia blinked at her partner. "Huh?"

"Go on; get out of here," Elliot said. "Go out and get hammered or something."

Olivia smiled sadly and shook her head. Drinking herself into oblivion held no appeal that night. "Nah. I think I'll stay for a while. Finish up some of this paperwork."

"Liv..." Elliot considered his words carefully. "We haven't forgotten. We just... didn't want to hurt you by mentioning it."

She nodded. "I know. Thanks, Elliot."

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