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Spring 2005 Schedule

Here's my not-quite-finalized class schedule for Spring 2005:

SPAN 102--Elem Spanish II MWF 08:00AM 08:50AM

CS 227--Computer Networks MWF 10:00AM 10:50AM LAB M 03:00PM 04:20PM

POLS 247--Politics of Religion TTH 11:00AM 12:20PM

MATH 121--Calculus II TTH 12:30PM 01:50PM LAB T 02:00PM 03:20PM

I say "not quite" finalized, 'cause I'm on the wait-list for creative writing. If a spot opens up there, I'm so dropping Calc II. Why am I taking another semester of calculus in the first place? Um... because there aren't any other classes I can take. And, y'know, I'm a masochist.

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