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Fun times.

Have you ever spent a protracted length of time with theater people? If not, I suggest you do, at least for one night. Entertainers, after a successful performance, when plied with lots of sugar and caffeine, get even more entertaining than usual. *grin*

We had our second (and final) performance of the semester tonight--er, yesterday, at this point. The actress I replaced last night (Friday night--work with me here) got her voice partially back, so I was put back on my bell-ringing duties. Too bad. I was quite getting used to yelling in front of a whole bunch of people. ;-) It would've been better if her voice hadn't kept giving out, but oh, well.

Anyway, back to the entertaining bit. We went out to eat for the cast party afterwards, courtesy of the drama club's president's mother. That lady must be a saint to put up with all of us--and to pay for our dinners. We went to Legal Sea Foods in the Pru (Prudential Center, for those of you not familiar with Boston). We were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory, but it was a two-hour wait.

I hope the waiter got a really big tip for putting up with all of us, though. One of the girls asked how old he was (24), another asked if he was single (no), and a third asked how much rum was used in the Bananas Foster (not much). Another girl there kept trying to set up her friend from Wentworth with anybody who cared to listen (he kept threatening her life).

So that was my night. I started to feel like I didn't belong, considering the level of shamelessness among the rest of my fellow cast members. But, hey, someone has to be the audience, right?
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