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Well. That was interesting.

Drama Club had its first performance of the year tonight. We did four comedic one-acts by David Ives. You know how I've been saying all I have to do is ring a bell? Yeah. Didn't work out that way. One of the actresses in my little play lost her voice today--and we didn't find out about it until five o'clock. I seriously thought our director was going to start crying. Fortunately, I came up with the brilliant idea to switch places with the other girl, since mine wasn't a speaking role. This only gave me two hours to learn my lines. It was kinda obvious that I went onstage with my script, since one of the pages fell out of the book I used as a prop.

It went well--a bunch of people came up to me afterward and said it was hilarious. When I told them I wasn't the regular actress, they were shocked. This made me happy.

Though S. would have been far better. *sigh*

Hopefully, she'll have regained her voice at least a little bit by tomorrow. I like the part, but I like ringing the bell better.


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