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Snow, school, and stage

I'm wet, and tired, and nervous--but I don't care, 'cause it's snowing! *dances in childlike glee*

Remember when you were a kid, and it snowed while you were in school? One student always interrupted the teacher with "Hey, look! It's snowing!" Everyone rushed to the window to look at the snow. It's not like we'd never seen snow before. It's just that first snowfall of the year. It seems so... magical.

Wow. I'm certainly waxing poetic today. Even as I sit here with my wet hair and foggy glasses.

But still... I remember in tenth grade, my chemistry teacher was absent the first day it snowed that year. The classroom was on the second floor, and the roof of the cafeteria was just outside the window. Since no substitute ever showed up (and what fifteen-year-old is going to let anyone know they have no teacher?), we hid the quizzes we were supposed to take that day beneath a stack of papers. Then we had an indoor snowball fight. It was so much fun. *sigh* Ah... memories. :-)

My group had a meeting with the writing assistant from our management class today. (Transition? We don't need no stinkin' transition!) (And yes, I do have a tendency to abuse prepositional phrases. However did you notice?) She said that our (read: my) paper was "a delight to read" and that she was "so excited about it". Needless to say, that made me quite happy, seeing as I wrote the damn thing in just over two hours yesterday.

Oh, and my Spanish professor was out sick today, so our class was combined with another Spanish 101 class. That professor was so much better than mine. I might just register for one of her classes. That is, if I ever get to register. :-P

Anyway, I need to get ready for our drama performance tonight. Call time's in five hours. Wish me luck!
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