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*sigh* I'm not surprised. Disgusted, but not surprised.

From the linked article:

"I'll reach out to everyone who shares our goals," said Bush, who 24 hours earlier had promised to try to win over those who voted for his Democratic opponent.

As U.S. forces in Iraq mobilize for an all-out offensive in Fallujah and other Sunni militant strongholds, the president refused to say how much the war would cost or whether he planned to increase or cut troop strengths. "I have yet to hear from our commanders on the ground that they need more troops," the president said. He is expected to ask Congress early next year for up to $75 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan and operations against terrorism.

The president was unapologetic about the unpopularity of his decisions in many world capitals, such as his commitment to spread democracy in the Middle East. "Listen, I've made some very hard decisions: decisions to protect ourselves, decisions to spread peace and freedom." The war on terror would remain a priority, he said.

Bush said that at home, he had set an unmistakable direction for the country and he emphasized anew he does not foresee the need for any tax increase despite big budget deficits.

Coming from a campaign that offered clear policy choices, Bush said, "When you win, there is a feeling that the people have spoken and embraced your point of view, and that's what I intend to tell the Congress." He urged lawmakers to show discipline on spending bills and to enact an intelligence reform bill when they return to town later this month.

Mmm... hypocrisy.

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