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Ow. Ow. I'm dying over here. I never knew the guys at CBS had a sense of humor. (Click on "Cast", then choose a character and click on "Read character profile". Just... don't drink anything while reading.)

Gibbs: **Note: I respectfully request my name be removed from this profile and my involvement in its creation never to be revealed to Special Agent Gibbs. If he knew I was the one responsible for writing read the file...enough said.

Kate: Once engaged, but never married. She rarely dates and seems to be looking for a man who is not only sensitive, but strong and intelligent.

**NOTE: It might help if she learns to look past surface "looks" and concentrates on what's important...a person's inner being.

Tony: At first glance the subject appears self confident and charming…second glance he's obviously overcompensating for something.

**Note: During this interview alone, he's asked me for my phone number no less than five times.

Abby: **NOTE: Within the first ten minutes of the interview the Subject asked me if I ever had sex in a coffin...No, I'm not making that up.

Ducky: **NCIS Disbursing - I am still awaiting personal reimbursement for the eight cassette tapes and three sets of triple "A" batteries I was forced to purchase to complete Doctor Mallard's oral interview.

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