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Dear God. We actually won.

It is 12:51. Fifty-one minutes ago, the Boston Red Sox made baseball history by winning the ALCS--and beating their archrivals, the New York Yankees--when they were originally down three to zero. Forty-eight minutes ago, I ran out of my dorm room, joining thousands of fans running toward Fenway Park. There are people thronging Yawkey Way and Brookline Avenue.

I have pictures, which I will share as soon as they're uploaded.

God. I hoped, and wished, and prayed for a win. And we did it. We won. And now we rejoice. Even if we don't win the World Series, this is... amazing. This town never fails to astound me.

I was going to post a scream of delight. I've screamed, and shrieked, and chanted, "Who's your daddy?" And the excitement still hasn't abated.

So this is my scream of delight. Thank you Big Papi Ortiz, the MVP, and my savior Johnny Damon. Thank you D-Lowe, who pitched an amazing game tonight, and Schilling, who went above and beyond for his team.

And thank you, my fellow Red Sox fans, for believing.

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