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JAG Rant: Touchdown (OAD: 10/24/03)

Oh, my God. This episode was freaking awesome. It totally rocked!

So, Harm and Beth O'Neil are going on another mission. They have to rescue a CIA agent who has been discovered in Libya. Harm's in charge this time. He asks if they have any backup. "What, like a squadron of F-14s? Dream on. You're in the Agency now."

Bud and Sturgis are prosecuting a sailor suspected of being an Al-Qaeda sleeper. Mac is defending. Sturgis is still holding a grudge against Bud for screwing up while defending him last season. He berates Bud for leaving a page out of a report. Jeez, this certainly doesn't seem like the Sturgis we met in season seven.

Harm and Beth banter a little. Blah, blah, blah. But it's nice to see that they work so well, seeing that... well, we'll get to that later.

Mac is viewing a videotape of an interrogation of an Al-Qaeda member. She sees the officer interrogating him holding something in his hand. She speaks with the officer, and it turns out it's a remote control to a stun belt, which delivers 50,000 watts of electricity for 8 seconds. Ouchie.

Sturgis still insists on using the testimony in court, even though it was gotten through torture. Mac does not take this well. When she, Bud, and Sturgis are in AJ's office, talking about the case, she says, "I was in Paraguay when they hooked Clayton Webb up to a car battery and electrocuted him. I heard his screams as they tortured him. Torture is not a gray area, Commander."

AJ says, as they start to argue, "When Commander Rabb left, I thought we had moved past this bickering."

Oh--Commander Imes is coming back from Europe to replace Harm. In case you didn't know, Carolyn Imes--played by Dana Sparks, I believe--appeared in a few episodes in the early seasons. I particularly remember her from "People vs. Rabb" and "Wedding Bell Blues".

Harm and Beth land in Libya. They have to rescue the agent's entire family. Beth covers Harm as he gets them on board. I like this lady!

Harm thanks Beth for covering him, and Beth thanks Harm for not leaving her behind.

"My mom always taught me, 'always leave the dance with the girl you came with'."

"Funny. Mine told me the same thing." Hee. And Harm's getting used to Beth's offhand remarks about her sexuality--he doesn't look as weirded out as he did in "Secret Agent Man".

Yipes! One of the wings catch fire! They turn off the engine to put it out, and it works.

Uh-oh... they've got company! The pilot of the other aircraft has night-vision goggles, and they take some hits before firing all of the flares. It's too bright for the other guy, and he crashes.

Hoo-boy... they're losing oil pressure now, and they're over the Gulf of Sidra. They can't turn back, either--they'll be killed.

Harm wants to land on the USS Seahawk. The man is insane. But Captain Johnson finally agrees to let him try.

Mac, Sturgis and Bud are in court, arguing in front of the judge whether or not the terrorist's testimony should be allowed. He ultimately says yes. Mac congratulates Bud on the job he did. So does Sturgis... almost.

"You had my back there this time, Lieutenant."

"Thank you, sir," Bud says, with a surprised yet pleased look on his face.

But then Sturgis says, "...Unlike last time." Argh! Quit acting like a four-year-old! You're supposed to be the token sane person at JAG!

Oh, God. Seaman Weston really is guilty, even though he fiercely protested his innocence. As Tony Dinozzo says, "They always sound so sincere when they say that."

Mac says to him, "Whoever taught you to hate like that... they should be in prison, too."

Oh, no! Now the plane has no brakes! And the hits just keep on comin'...

Sturgis and Mac are arguing in the bullpen. Mac is offering Sturgis a deal. Life in prison. Sturgis doesn't want to accept, and Mac gets angry. AJ tells them to join him in his office. The admiral is not happy.

Mac isn't either, but she tries to control herself. AJ dismisses her to talk to Sturgis alone. He tells Sturgis that he doesn't have anything to prove to him, and that he should trust his own judgment when it came to the case.

Well... Sturgis is finally calming down a bit. He's accepted the deal.

Back to Harm and Beth. They jettison all fuel but 1000 lbs.

The Seahawk crew is trying to get all planes off the deck.

They have to put the wheels down manually now. Yeesh.

They dump 200 lbs. more fuel.

They landed safely! And they were thisclose to going off the end of the deck.

Uh-oh... there's a TV crew on the Seahawk. Harm is a pilot for the CIA. Well, there goes his job, huh?

*sigh* Harm's gone and done it again. You can tell that's what Mac is thinking when she sees him on ZNN.

Cool--that plotline was actually based on a true story. On October 30, 1963, a C-140 was landed on the USS Forrestal. I couldn't write fast enough to get the names of the pilots--and unfortunately, I didn't tape this episode.

Ha! Spoilers for next week:

Harm's fired again! Okay, so he resigned from his first job, but he expected to get it back. He starts piloting a crop duster.

Catherine Gayle is pregnant! I really hope Harm's not the father. Although that would be freaking hilarious if he was. *grin*

I can't wait until next week! It looks soooo good!

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