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NCIS 2.2--The Good Wives Club

Just watched The Good Wives Club. A few comments...

OMG <3 McGee. I know a lot of people think he's annoying, but think he's sweet. And I'm glad he's finally learning to stand up for himself in front of Tony.

Speaking of Tony, I vacillated between pitying him and wanting to kick him in the balls during this ep. He was such an asshat. But he was an asshat because he was afraid of losing his "favored son" status. (His inferiority complex is pastede on yay!)

And, dear God, I loved that scene between Kate and Gibbs. "You don't have to wear the dress." *snerk* I love that Kate was completely unrepentant, even after the glare Gibbs gave her.

Damn. I had the feeling it was the chaplain as soon as Gibbs and Kate questioned him. It was still, really, really creepy, though.

And did ya notice how Kate talked about Stockholm syndrome like she knew about it from experience? *glee!* I really wanna read some post-Reveille fic now.

That's it for now. New ep in less than an hour!
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