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*laughs* I love all my ladies over on the gibbskateff list. The latest thread is about to devolve into catfights over fictional characters. *grin*

I had a pretty good weekend. We had dinner over at my foster sister's (the cool one's) house last night. At least 26 people were there at one point. (It's a very large family. With a few teenage friends mixed in.) Madhouse pretty much sums that up. *grin*

Today, we went pumpkin picking--17 of us, ranging from age four to age fifty-four. We went on a hayride, and then we bought our pumpkins. (Just for future reference, sitting in hay = very itchy underwear. Also, going on a hayride with thirty-somethings with the maturity of their own children = hay fight.)

I talked to my sister yesterday. She's doing okay. We talked about the upcoming elections, and she asked me if I was going to vote (of course, I said yes). Then she asked me whom I was voting for. I snorted and replied, "Kerry, of course. What, you think I'm gonna vote for Bush?" She laughed. Then we started talking about the presidential debates. My 17-year-old sister--who absolutely hates history class--watched the debates. I'm so proud of her. :-)

...That's it, I think. Back to school tomorrow. *sigh*
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