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JAGfic Rec: Playing With Fire

Since I use this journal more than the one I have over at JournalFen, I decided to cross-post this here.

Fandom: JAG

Title: Playing With Fire

Author: Kim/hannah3378

Rating: A very, very strong NC-17

Category: Story, Romance

Pairing: AJ/Mac, with some Mac/OC (temporary) and Harm/OC

Summary: AJ/Mac romance. Follows canon through "Answered Prayers"; goes completely AU from there. AJ and Mac decide to play with fire... can they avoid getting burned?

Story Status: Completed--81 chapters.


Edited 7/6/07 to add: (Password-protected; e-mail me with an age statement for the password.)

Shannon's Thoughts: PWF is the ultimate AJ/Mac fic. All newcomers to the AJ/Mac pairing should read it. That is, as long as they are of age. Playing With Fire is definitely not a story for the kiddies. It is a novel-length fic that actually started out as a challenge on ajmacfic. It was begun in December 2001, and was finished in August 2003.

PWF is a gorgeous story. Kim actually made me cry in places. That just doesn't happen.

Unlike most AJ/Mac fanfics, Kim does not skirt around the fraternization issue--she deals with it head-on. Kim has crafted a beautifully written, dramatic story.

However, this fic definitely deserves its NC-17 rating. The smut scenes in PWF are hot. They are hotter than the Sahara in August. Just one warning: you'll never look at strawberries the same way again. ;-)

Final Judgment: 9.5/10. The spelling and grammar is a bit sloppy in places, but the plot (and smut!) more than make up for any mistakes.

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