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Fanwriter University (a.k.a. FU)

Okay, this is just to round up the fanwriter "classes" I created (with the help of a few friends *grin*).

Thanks to:

irishlissa for inspiration on Sentence Structure and Verbs
capecodgirl for the special lecture series on continuity
_workinprogress for inspiration on Characterization
b_cavis for the Sexual Studies group of classes.
ausiewanab for Punctuation 202
jordansmuse for Punctuation 103, Proofreading 101, and the special lecture series on contractions

Remember, this is all meant in jest, and reflects only the opinions of the contributors.


101: Protect the Innocent, Comma
102: The Sure Sign of a Diseased Mind--Exclamation Marks and You
103: Oh, Shit, Here Comes an 'S'!--Avoiding Apostrophe Abuse
201-01*: Dialogue
201-02**: Poetry
202: And I Quote--Proper Use of Quotation Marks

( * To be taken concurrently with Capitalization 201-01.)
( ** To be taken concurrently with Capitalization 201-03.)


101: Homophones--You're Going to Pay For Your Grammar Sins
102: Don't Just Sound it Out, Damn It--Hooked on Phonics is the Writer's Worst Enemy
201: 'I before E'--When to Break the Rules


102: nEiThEr Is ToGgLe CaPs
201-01: Correct Placement of the Capital Letter--Dialogue
201-02: Correct Placement of the Capital Letter--Titles
201-03: Correct Placement of the Capital Letter--Poetry


101: Jog, Run, Sprint--Why Variety is the Spice of Life
102: Stink, Stank, Stunk--Irregular Verbs and Their Proper Usage
201: Time Travel--How to Stay in the Proper Tense


101: Put the Thesaurus Down!--Purple Prose is for Pansies
102: How Do You Feel About That?--Using Description to Your Advantage

Sentence Structure

101: Ow! Where'd That Come From?--Sentence Fragments
102: Breaking Up is Hard to Do--Run-on Sentences


101: Places, People!--Touch Typing
102: Check, Please!--Spell Checkers
201: A, B, C, D--Beta Readers


101: Basics of Three-Dimensional Characters
102: 'She Wept Over His Rotting Corpse'--How to Avoid Cliches
201-01: Original Characters--Why They Are Evil
201-02: Original Characters--Origin of the Mary Sue
202: Original Characters--How To Write a Decent OC

Canon vs. Fanon

101: Canon Ain't Just a Big Honkin' Gun
102: Idealization Isn't Always Ideal

Sexual Studies

101: Screaming Orgasms and Heaving Breasts--How to Write a Sex Sequence That Doesn't Suck (In A Bad Way)
102: Talking Dirty With a Clean Gene Pool--Sex Dialogue For the Non-Mentally Challenged
103-01: Proper Spelling and Movement: Correct Usage of Four-Letter Words
103-02: Biology of the Interesting Sort: Keeping Track of Body Parts
104: Positions--Because Missionaries Are Boring
105: God Hates You Because You Are Stupid--Discovering Better Times to Say "I Love You"

Special Lecture Series
Continuity Is Your Friend
'Have' or 'Of'?--Why Contractions Should Not Be Allowed
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