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Harm. Is. A. Full. Commander. You. Fucking. Dumbass.

And can you say "Mary Sue"? No? Then why are you screaming it directly in my ear?

If this isn't a Mary Sue (not to mention really crappy grammar), I don't know what is:

"Samantha, is very gifted when it comes to the black market" Tony said slowly, choosing his words carefully, making each one hit home before he continued "you might've gotten the impression that she was boasting earlier, when she was going on about all that hacking, but she wasn't. Her history with the law is relatively clean, mainly because we could never catch her. She got into the accounts of almost two hundred Navy SEALS, she took a thousand dollars from each account and sent it to a bank account in the Caymen Islands. Where it went from there we don't know. She was part of a smuggling ring within Norfolk and New York, anything you wanted, she could get it. Anything from a chocolate cake to a Maserati MC12. She could sniper a man down from eight hundred feet away if the conditions were good, her parents were killed by the mob when she was five, her brother Jeremy looked after her, even though he was only eight at the time. They learnt to live the hard way, it's the only way they know"


And to the person who is repeatedly joining and leaving my Yahoo! group: STOP. It's really goddamn annoying.

Pissy today? Me? What makes you say that?
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