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Oh. Em. Gee. This may be the best CSI high school AU fic I've ever read.

(Actually, it's the only CSI high school AU fic I've ever read. But it's still damn funny.)

Here's a snippet:

Greg stood there, arms stiff at his sides. He finally gave her an awkward grin when she looked up at him.

“My name is Greg,” he said. “You’re Sara. You’re in love with Grissom. He loves you back. You are both geeks, and you are both in love. And there was not chalk on his cheek that one time, you did make him notice the existence of beauty, your love is a sweet reality, and Principal Willows does want me.”

He looked around the library and sighed.

“No one else is here, are they?”

Sara couldn’t think of much to say. “No.”

“Figures,” he said, and stormed out.

*cackles* I <3 this fic so much.

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