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The muse is back! Yay!

Damn, I'm tired. I don't get it. The earlier I go to bed, the longer it takes to fall asleep. *grumbles* I would really, really appreciate a good night's sleep.

However, I did think of a story idea. 'When Fairy Godmothers Go Bad'. Featuring:

"'Okay, who the Heaven authorized an MME on MacKenzie, Sarah?'"


"He was the epitome of the tough biker. If he were human, he would have been in a motorcycle gang.

(It was his little secret.)

Adults cowered in his wake. Kittens played with the chains hanging from his waist, and small children tended to bring him flowers.

(He never told them he was allergic to pollen.)"


"'What--but--what is she doing?!' the godmother howled. 'They're meant to be!'

'Meant to be... what?' her partner replied. 'Throttling each other for the next fifty years?'"


Oh, happy day! I can write again!
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