like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

Two hours of JAG/NCIS!

They actually won't be preempting NCIS for JAG on Tuesday! They're showing the new episode of NCIS at 8, then the pilot, "Ice Queen", at 9. W00t!

*sigh* The only problem is that I want to tape both, so I won't be done taping until 10. Then I'll have to watch NCIS, which will take another hour. My rant won't be up until 11:30 on Tuesday. This... is not good. It's midterms week, damn it. *shrug* Oh, well. At least I'm taking my Shakespeare exam on Tuesday, so I won't have to worry about that. And my comp sci midterm project isn't due 'til next Monday, so no worries there... eh, I guess I can stay up until midnight on Tuesday. *grin*
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