October 9th, 2009

I love the world (xkcd)


I am in a much better mood today! I went to my uncle's house yesterday, and he was just about to leave to go out fishing (he's a commercial fisherman), but he went over to my apartment, broke the knob off the door, and replaced it with the old doorknob. So I was able to get into my home without having to pay for a locksmith. Though I am definitely going to get a few copies of my key made. :-P

Thanks for everyone's support. I guess the lesson I was supposed to learn yesterday was that it's okay to rely on my family. Also, forgetting things is bad.

Today's supposed to be the start of my weekend, but my supervisor asked me if I'd do some overtime tonight. Seeing a) I'd really like the extra money, since I'd like to buy a game console, and b) earlier in the night, he asked me if I was looking for a permanent job (!), I said yes. So I only get one day to chill this weekend, but that's okay. Because we also get time and a half next Monday 'cause it's Columbus Day. Two good paychecks in a row makes me quite happy.

Oh! Speaking of gaming consoles, I'd like to ask the all-knowing flist a question. Which would you choose: PS2 or Wii? (The PS3 and XBOX are way out of my price range. As it is, the Wii just barely squeaked in after the price drop.) I prefer puzzle, strategy, and RPGs to other games, so the PS2 would probably suffice, but the Wii looks like so much fun. (And I plan on buying DDR and Guitar Hero no matter which one I get. *grin*)

Any thinky thoughts?