October 8th, 2009

Misanthrope (VM)

Well. This is a crappy day.

...I just had a minor breakdown in the library bathroom.

Last night, I was riding my bike to work, when about halfway there, I thought, "Huh. My back feels lighter than it usually does." It took about two seconds for me to realize that this was because I had forgotten my backpack. The backpack with everything I need, including my lunch, my wallet--so I couldn't just buy lunch, my cell phone... and the key to my apartment.

I called the landlord this morning, and his wife came over with a set of keys. None of which were mine.

So now I'm sitting in the library, hoping that she calls a locksmith soon so I can go home and go to bed before work tonight.

Thank all the gods there are that tomorrow's Friday and I can sleep. Though I'm sure I'll be paying for that sleep with the locksmith's bill.