April 11th, 2009

Total Crackpot Day (TWW)

Plot bunnies (and the evil thereof)

Have you ever been working on one fic--you love this fic, adore it, want to have its little literary babies--when all of a sudden, a completely unrelated plot bunny leaps up and goes straight for your jugular?

Yeah. That's just happened to me. I have the feeling the fic I'm working on at the moment is about to be put on hold for something that's possibly more cracktastic. Seriously, it's a crossover between two fandoms that I never would've expected to meet. Which is really saying something, considering what I've written in the past.
Mythbusters almost cool (by minty_peach)

Let's play a game!

This is for those who read fanfiction (which should be most of my friends list, really). Post your favorite single line from any fic.

My (current) favorite would have to be:

"So are you done being emo yet, plonker?" she called over her shoulder as she made her way to the console.

It's from Donna Noble Pwns All by CountryGirl914 (which, yes, yes, she does).

It's my favorite because it's Donna being awesome, as usual. Also, she calls the Doctor emo, which he so is.