September 7th, 2008

'K bye (by stormi-skies)

I know I'm about five years late to the game, but...

I've been reading BtVS fic, both normal and crossovers, for quite a while now. And I have a question (rhetorical, but if you have an answer, feel free to tell me). Why is it that almost all of the Xander fic I find has Buffy-bashing? I mean, I know Buffy screwed up--quite badly, at times--but so did everyone else. As soon as I find a fic with super!Xander now, I groan, because I can just see the Buffy-bashing ahead.

(This is why I enjoy Greywizard's fic on TtH. He has a good Xander characterization, and even when it becomes super!Xander, Buffy is rarely bashed--unless it's for a good reason, and even then, it doesn't just come out of nowhere.)