July 6th, 2008

I love the world (xkcd)


So, um, I've started watching Torchwood. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) And while it's not high art, it's entertaining. (And as much as I like Gwen, the eye thing is kinda irritating.)

(And yes, I do like Gwen. So no Gwen-bashing here, plz.)

I just finished with "Random Shoes". I'm not sure what the fandom opinion is (nor do I care, as I generally end up not agreeing anyway), but I thought it was cute. (And somebody must have written a fic where Eugene meets Elton from "Love & Monsters". Because that would be perfect.)
Stephen Jesus quit (by tubbycass)


I have no idea what movie my family's watching--I saw about twenty seconds of it when I went downstairs to get a drink--but during that very short clip I saw was a great quote:

"You're not stupid; you're just in Congress."