April 8th, 2008

Hermione smarter (by potterpuffs)


I just read City on the Edge of Forever by synecdochic, an SGA AU of the pilot where the characters actually think before doing things. Instead of War Crimes Bingo, we get a Weir who plans for a new colony, rather than a weekend camping trip, a Sheppard who realizes he's not fit for a command post just yet, a Ford who isn't star-struck by Sheppard and uses his previous SG team experience to make sensible decisions... really, it's everything SGA could have been but screwed up.

I really really really hope synecdochic writes more in this 'verse, because it is fantastic.
Discworld quantum (by pouringicons)


I'd like to read some SGA fics that take place post-Atlantis. Not necessarily an AU version of "The Return", though that would work, too. But fics where the expedition members have to come home and adjust to life on Earth again. How horrible would the culture shock be? Would they all stay in contact? Would they work for the SGC (or any related programs), or would they try to get as far away as possible?

So--recs, anyone? I would be ever so grateful. :-)
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