August 1st, 2007

McGee geek (by mini_miss)

The Intertubes are my friend.

*snickers* My friend T. asked me to find information about a John Cusack movie that's currently in production in Berlin. Her husband doubted that I could find anything. (His brother does special effects, and is working on the film, which is why T. wanted me to look.) She challenged him, and he said that if I found anything, he'd give me half of his Powerball winnings. I laughed (half of nothing is nothing), but I hit IMDB, searched for John Cusack, and clicked through the movies labeled "pre-production" until I found the right one. Then I Googled the title.

It took me about three minutes. Who is awesome? That would be me.

(Who is easily amused? Also me.)
Hermione smarter (by potterpuffs)

There are no words.

JKR has given us seven books of PHENOMENAL writing. She is an inspiration – showing how a pen, some paper, and imagination can change the world. It’s bittersweet to see that HP has come to an end… even though that will never ever really be true. I’m thankful to be given the chance to play in this wonderful realm that she has created. And…God bless her for giving the women of the world Ron Weasley.

Afadsfdibjblngergaefreafuisdhva?!?! The fuck you say?

I... have no idea what to say to this. Is this bitch for real?