May 4th, 2007

House South Park


So tonight was the chorale concert. I wasn't part of chorale this year, because I had a lab on Thursdays last semester, and I just didn't bother rejoining this semester. I regretted it tonight, because I realized that I miss singing.

It was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed the opening song. It was called "They Told Her Not to Worry", and it's a Simmons song. It was short, but funny; basically, it's about a girl who was told not to worry about her exams, and not to cram, so she didn't, and she flunked the exam. (It's funnier when set to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching".) Nice sentiment before finals.

I did have a few complaints:

1) To the audience: don't applaud between the fucking movements. Save your applause for the end of the piece. So irritating.
2) The alto section needs to be a LOT bigger. Either that, or they need to stop hesitating. Sing, damn it! I couldn't hear them over the sopranos. That section is always huge, but there was a rather overpowering soprano, and the altos got drowned out. (Don't get me wrong, the soprano had a magnificent voice, but it would've been nice to hear the harmony.)
3) When the text is the "Ode to Joy"? Be JOYFUL! Don't just stand there like you're bored out of your skulls! Sing like you're bursting with enthusiasm! Especially since it was a small space, and you had to compete with a piano, drum set, and bass!

I don't know. Maybe the problems weren't so bad. Maybe it's just sour grapes--that I'm jealous, and that's why those things grated on my nerves so much. (Well, the first one would've been irritating anyway.)