April 21st, 2007

Mythbusters almost cool (by minty_peach)

*sigh* I need a life.

So every year my school hosts a spring carnival for the Colleges of the Fenway. (Those of you who were around two years ago, you'll recall that this was where I met J., my first date.)

Last year, I lived in off-campus housing, and the weather the day of the carnival was crappy, so I didn't go. This year, I'm back on the Res Campus, and it's gorgeous outside, so I figured I'd go wander for a bit.

I didn't see anyone I knew. This is really really incredibly sad, considering that all we need to do is step out the front door of our dorms, and BAM! Carnival.

So I just got some fried dough (free!) and went back to my room. (Yes, I suck at socializing.)