March 9th, 2007

Dogbert bah


Hmm. You know, I don't mind when my fics inspire other people, but I'd like a bit of credit. Maybe that's just presumptuous of me.

And I don't want to go and accuse her of plagiarism if it's just a case of being inspired. I mean, she didn't rip me off word-for-word (like some people have in the past). I left a review that basically said, "Yes, very nice, you totally based this off my fic." Except more subtly.

...What the hell was I thinking?! This is, for cryin' out loud! *facepalm*
Cojones (VM)

Give me prompts.

I'd really like to start writing again. Give me a prompt in any of the following fandoms, and I'll try to write you at least a drabble. (No promises, though.)

NCIS (through season two)
Harry Potter
Stargate SG-1 (nothing from the last two seasons; I haven't been able to watch them completely, yet)
Doctor Who (new only, though I'd really like to see old school Who; I think I'd really like Ace)
The West Wing (though season four)

ETA: Feel free to give me more prompts after I fulfill yours, if I do!